Since Microsoft’s conference yesterday of the new Xbox One, fans and critics have been having mixed feelings over the next-gen console. Putting aside the boring presentation of the new features, the Xbox One console itself is not that bad as some people may think it is. It does have its pros and cons, but how Microsoft is marketing this system will matter.


I think it’s pretty cool to have an all-in-one system at either the touch of your fingertips or the sound of your voice. I cannot tell you how irritating it gets to fish for a remote and press various buttons to switch from my gaming console to the regular TV to switching back if I want to watch a movie and such. I do not find it irritating, but considering I am the only technologically savvy person in my house…constantly hearing “LUCY! FIX THE TV!” can get on your nerves really quick. So having the voice commands where I can just tell my Xbox One to switch back and forth will make this transitioning a breeze. As long as it is a greatly improved system from the Kinect, then I am all for it.  Voice commands for that thing were a nightmare.

The graphics are pretty darn crisp. The trailers for both the Call of Duty: Ghosts and Forza Motorsport 5 were super detailed and dare I say, sexy. Whether it is the graphics from the Xbox One or the games themselves, either way it looked really good.


Uh…what about the games? If there is anything I took away from E3 last year, it was the excitement for the upcoming games for my favorite consoles. Granted this was not an E3 conference, I think a better hype up for the Xbox One would have been to tease a few of the exclusive games for it and then leave us hanging for E3. Instead what we got were the next installments of FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC, which I assumed were going to come out for the Xbox One anyway since they were never really exclusive to a console to begin with. Fans of Xbox will still be looking forward to what Microsoft has to offer at E3 this year (hopefully improving on its presentation skills), so these games had better show up. Otherwise, we may be saying goodbye to Xbox as a gaming console.

It’s a gaming console, not a PC. Following many of the criticisms on the Internet about the Xbox One since yesterday, many people are not digging the all-in-one features. The Xbox One has become a jack-of-all-trades console that can do a little bit of everything. You can watch TV, listen to music, watch a movie, chat on Skype, follow your fantasy team, oh yeah and play video games.

Indie developers cannot self-publish their games without a partnership with Microsoft or another third-party associated with Microsoft. Indie games have been coming up in the gaming world and many people are strutting their creative stuff and putting out some pretty awesome games. Having to partner with Microsoft or a third-party may harbor the creative juices and produce a product that is not as awesome as it could be.

What did the Halo live-action TV series have to do with the Xbox One? Still trying to find that connection.


Ultimately, if Microsoft’s angle is to gradually move the Xbox console into an all-in-one entertainment system that focuses on each mode of entertainment equally, then so far it is doing a good job. However, if it is still gearing the Xbox towards gamers, then it may have another thing coming.

Lucy Niess
I play video games and write about stuff.

Rumor: State of Decay Releasing on June 5th

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  1. Not mentioned under cons: additional fee to play used games (linked to another persons Xbox account), kinnect always on means no privacy whatsoever, having to link to an online network at least once a day in order to use the system, etc, etc.

    Typically I’m a big fan of the Microsoft brand name, but if these “confirmed rumors” are true then M$ truly shot themselves in the foot.

    1. Main reason why we didn’t list those features is because there’s a lot of back and forth on whether they’re true or not. Waiting for official Microsoft comment on those ones.

    2. Not true. A friend of mine has an Xbox one and all of his games are used. Except for forza motorsports 5, which was included with the console.

  2. Other then the fact that it feels that they are neglecting the gameing fetures the main reason why i do not want the One is the additional fees for used/borrowed games, this makes me as a consumer and xbox supporter all my life, feel that MS has turned away from its consumers and only concentrate on Money, although the purpose of gameing consoles is to make money it seemes that MS doesnt care about the supports of fans as much as the money, because they focus on the money so much it shows me how greedy they can be, they are trying to fix something that isent broken, the xbox 360 isent broken espeshually after the slim was released the bugs have been fixed so why ruin a good thing with your greed. Lastly, I also believe that the One was only released because of the Ps4 so sony wouldent have a 1up on MS. Because of these reasons i will not purchase this Shiny Cable box/ DvdPlayer and i will stick to my reliable 360

  3. What the fuck is going on here..!?!?!? are you fucking blowing my asshole? this is the most bullshit console I’ve ever heard of. These tit sucking cocks don’t have shit. This makes PlayStation look good. A fee to play? what the dick? Im so fucking pissed right now.. -_- i hate life. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT. FIX THIS SHIT!!! ASAP. Or I will Fucking destroy you assholes.

    1. Cursing doesn’t make you look cool Anthony.

    2. calm down bro, its not like u can make a better gaming station

    3. you sound like a faggot
      if your gonna curse, don’t make the rest us cursers look bad . curse correcty

  4. Microsoft took a MAJOR leap backwards which is putting of so many people are saying “The reason it’s called Xbox one is because I took 359 steps backwards.” Frankly i believe it’s true by the article above us. One horrendous mistake it made was not focusing on the games; what it’s predecessor did. The amazing Interface of the Xbox 360 is all but gone and it’s competitor Sony has taken it in, and it has some really great advantages I won’t write about. The HUGE mistakes have put me off Microsoft and onto Sony like many other Xbox fans.

  5. I just wanted to say that I feel like too many people are reading way to far into the multimedia aspect of the console. The idea behind the release is to show off the console, not the games, that’s what things like E3 are for. As for the fee on used games, like what is said below these are rumors. Microsoft has not given info on any of that. Also, I don’t see why the multimedia upsets so many. The idea of a new gen console is to be innovative and exciting. Who wants another Xbox 360, I understand it has no problems and is a phenomenal gaming system but I’m not looking for a new one. If all anyone wants is the 360 is a new color then don’t get the One and just buy some of your old favorites. Honestly, I don’t understand why the PS4 is getting hyped up, it hasn’t shown me anything other than a touch pad controller. There isn’t anything that screams new system to me. I just think everyone needs to relax and wait for E3. New games will be mentioned and questions will be answered.

    1. Boggles my mind to that reception was so bad. Microsoft clearly stated that this conference was about the console and E3 was all about the games. But other press sites like to make controversy and had to bring up that the Dog in Ghosts was the major focus of the show and all that other bullshit. It’s sad.

  6. Love it but Paying for new games you cant borrow a game and some other things you can not bring a game over to oyur friends house with out paying 60$ to play it an you have to connect it to internet every 24 hours which is in this case convenient and microsoft this will not make you get more money they might buy the console but then they might switch to ps4 and im even thinking of it just to play some of the games such as titan fall

  7. This console seems to be ignoring the foundation level of gaming which originates with the young kids who dont have open access and availability to pay unwarranted fees to play games, niether does it cater for gamers in areas and countries with relatively poor, or expensive internet connectivity.
    I live in South Africa and our internet is one of the slowest in the world, and the only way to get semi decent connection speeds, with limited chance of connection drops or timeouts is to pay through your ass for them.
    If the xbox updates are anything like the normal microsoft updates, it’ll take hours to download everyday and cost a fucking fortune in the process. its cheaper and faster for me to fly to Tokyo download 100Gig at an internet Cafe and fly back than it is to download in SA.
    If the xbox can’t operate without internet connectivity, the console is doomed to fail in this market.

  8. Actually Anthony they have changed that, u can buy used games and use them. its actually rumored that the PS4 may be doing that. And we will find that out in a few days. Cause the PS4 comes out tomorrow son we will have to wait for used games to come into play for the PS4, to see if its true.

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