If you’ve been wondering whose all involved with The Witness, the PlayStation Blog has finally provided an answer today.

Surprisingly, The Witness is touting an all-star cast for what Jonathan Blow says will be a “subtle” story. He continues on to say, “You really have to explore and read between the lines to know what’s going on. So do not expect a traditional game story like The Last of Us or The Order!” Much of the story is revealed through audio logs, but Blow says it’s in a “non-traditional” way.

Blow explains, “When you first encounter them you won’t find much in the way of answers, but, if you keep looking, you will eventually be able to piece together what’s going on.” Sounds interesting, and should hopefully provide a better way of unveiling a game’s narrative than just collecting audio recordings that you’ll never listen to. I’m looking at you Metal Gear Solid V.

As for the cast itself, The Witness touts the voice talent of Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Phil LaMarr (Pulp Fiction), Matthew Waterson (The Order: 1886) and Terra Deva (The Mickey Mouse Club).  Another interesting piece of information revealed in the the blog post is that The Witness doesn’t have music, apparently.

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Nick Calandra
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