Jonathan Blow revealed to IGN that first-person puzzler The Witness will be arriving to Xbox One on the 13th of September.

The Xbox One version has been reported to be “basically the same game” to the PS4/PC version, with “some technical differences.” Exclusive platform content has been dismissed by Blow.

Meanwhile, the iOS version is still in the works; it has been confirmed to contain lower-end graphics. There are also reports Blow’s company Thekla Inc. is “experimenting with tap-based movement rather than on-screen arrow keys: a single tap to walk, double tap to run, two-finger strafing, and so on.” Due to a combination of these factors and more, no release date for the iOS version exists.

Our review of The Witness by Joanna Nelius described it as a “beautiful, serene island” with “puzzles [that] transcend language itself. They pull you through a broad range of emotions – anguish, despair, desperation – but, once you finally solve that seemingly impossible puzzle, you can raise your fists in the air, victorious, and maybe taunt the game a little bit.”

You can check out the full review (which got an 8.9) of The Witness here.

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