In addition to the mainland area of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there will also be quite a few remote areas in the world that you’ll be able to travel to and explore.

In a recent interview with a Russian gaming news outlet, CD Projekt RED delved into the wide world that they’re crafting for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, revealing that there will be quite a few islands to sail to in the game, in addition to the main landmass, that hold their own secrets.

WorldsFactory was kind enough to translate the interview excerpt revealing the details which you’ll find just below:

“Yes, in the final version, you can not only use the boat to sail but also swim under water, opening up new areas that are inaccessible by land…We have designed five large islands and about the same number of smaller ones, which we have not yet demonstrated in public. So do not be afraid, in our game you will see a lot of interesting places to explore: ancient ruins, abandoned buildings, caves and much more.

We created each of these places in a unique way for the players who want to get there. Some of them will be associated with Geralt’s story, while others just hide behind a lot of secrets. In general, they all carry some meaning. Our team spent a lot of time to recreate the world of Geralt and make it feel alive.”

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