It seems that the resourceful people of the German World Of Players forums are collecting all the facts they can find about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The information found here comes from German magazines PC Games and Gamestar and their previews of the Witcher 3.

Disclaimer: since nobody here at OSP actually understands German, we’re relying on Google Translate here, but (as the resident linguist – me – will attest) German is relatively easy to translate into English since the languages are grammatically very similar, so we’re pretty sure of the translation.

So, the “facts” so far:

  • You can import your Witcher 2 save games, but it will not change the backstory of the game – it will only affect the reactions of some characters, such as Triss
  • There will be 36 “final states” of the world and 3 epilogues, which will each be one hour long
  • You can travel the world on horses or boats, both of which will improve during the game. Boats can be “borrowed” from the beach, while horses can be bought, or caught in the wild using the Axii sign
  • Geralt is more agile, and can climb and jump
  • The world will consist of three areas, including the capital Novigrad, the Skellige Islands, and the wasteland
  • The world will be much livelier, with wild animals as well as monsters, which Geralt can hunt for their furs, claws etc.
  • The main story will be about 50 hours long, and there will be side-quests
  • You can quick travel like in Skyrim, and you can visit previously visited locations
  • The main quest will have fully voiced dialogue and cinematic cutscenes
  • Each character will have their own personal routine, and will report Geralt for stealing to the guards if they catch him. Apparently, Geralt cannot hurt civilians
  • Geralt will have a special hunter sense that he can use to track monsters. Studying the colour-coded tracks will reveal what special items or preparations Geralt will need to make to effectively kill that monster
  • There is a new combat mechanic similar to VATS from Fallout, which slows time down so Geralt can target specific body parts
  • The day/night cycle and weather affects gameplay – some places will be accessible only at night or during rain, certain creatures appear based on conditions, and puzzles can depend on environmental changes
  • There will be no more QTE’s
  • Progress will be capped at level 60, which will allow for “hundreds” of options and specialisations
  • Geralt can affect the environment more – for example the Igni sign has been changed to a jet of flame, and it can set the environment alight
  • Experience is only gained by completing quests – hunting and killing monsters only provides money and crafting materials
  • Monsters will not be subject to level scaling, but will have their own areas
  • There are two different UIs planned – one for PC, and one for consoles
  • Ice Giants are one type of monster Geralt will find
  • There will be minigames – currently there is an axe-throwing minigame and a card game
  • There is a regionally-dependent economy. Different items will buy or sell for more or less depending on where Geralt is

We already know that CD Projekt RED are aiming for the game to be bigger than Skyrim, and this information seems to support that. Fast travel seems common-sense with the size upgrade, and it does seem like The Witcher 3 will be taking several world design cues from The Elder Scrolls series with its horses and boats for transport. It seems the combat systems will receive another overhaul, but the exact prevalence of the VATS system is unknown.

The two major features listed above that seem most interesting is the hunting system and the impact of Geralt on the world. Hunting seems a lot more like what was shown in the introduction movie in the very first Witcher, with Geralt identifying his prey, preparing, and then tracking and killing his foes. Geralt being able to affect the world with his magic signs – like lighting the world on fire with his Igni sign – may bring new tactical options for Geralt. These systems seem like they will be placing Geralt firmly into an active role within the world.

As always, we’ll bring you all the new details we can find as they emerge.

Thanks to the people of the World Of Players forums – especially Parcival. And thanks to NeoGAF for the tipoff.

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  1. Getting more excited about the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt each day. I’m glad I didn’t see any mention of multi-player in this post. Too many games are adding it even if it is terrible. For example, what is the deal with multi-player in the new Tomb Raider? Why? Glad Bioshock Infinite took that aspect of the game out so they could concentrate on the game experience instead of fooling around with per-pubescent teens in MP.

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