Although the Steam Summer sale has been over for a few weeks now, today the UK-based digital retailer GMG launched its own PC Gaming Summer Sale. Every 24 hours at 11am Eastern through July 23rd, GMG refreshes a list of daily deals. On top of any instant savings you find, there’s also a stacking 20% off coupon code available making greater savings – some deals better than we saw during the Steam Summer sale.

The Day One batch is focused on zombie-themed games, including a 73% discount on The Walking Dead Season 2 down to only $6.80. That essentially ties its all time historic low price point, taking $17.19 off the usual $24.99 list price. In addition to the huge discount, buying The Walking Dead Season 2 and a few other select titles gets you a “free mystery game”. We don’t have a complete list of the free game selection, but we know you get a random Indie title like Rush Bros. or PixelJunk Monsters.

You’ll have to jump on these zombie deals quick, since they are 24 hours only. At 11am Eastern tomorrow, the Day Two batch will replace what’s up right now… but that said, if you miss anything, be sure to check back on July 23rd when they are likely to run an encore sale.

Day Two Deals

Full List Here, Best of below:


Day One Deals


The Walking Dead Series

Popular Zombie Titles

Sniper Elite Zombie Army Series

Dead Rising Series

Resident Evil Series

Left 4 Dead

$3 and Under

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