The team over at Crytivo Games have released some updates on new powers for their god game, The Universim.

The game essentially has you in control of a planet and with all that real estate and power, comes a lot of power and options. In the latest news update, the developers introduce the newest Creator Powers, actions you can take to influence the objects and people of your world.

These powers include types of interventions from basic interactions with people and objects to impregnating your people or giving them immortality. The developers also detailed terraforming powers that dealt with altering the environment. These included placing trees and rocks into the world, as well as creating precipitation and having control over the planetary thermostat. Additionally, if you are in a less benevolent mood, the developers are introducing options to create natural disasters from earthquakes and lightning to volcano eruptions and meteor strikes.

All these powers require the use of Creator Points, which players will accumulate at a certain rate.

You can check out the full list of powers and details in the news post here, and be sure to stick with OnlySP for updates and more.

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