Some things never stop being cool. Dinosaurs are one such thing. Sixty-five million years since their extinction and they fail to get old. (well they were always old, but you get the point). In the wonderful world of gaming, there is only one thing more fun than dinosaurs and that is being given the ability to hunt them. Now I don’t know about you, but I think it’s high time that gaming’s favorite Dinosaur Hunter, Turok, got a brand new game worthy of his name.

I say worthy of his name because that abomination that Disney loosed upon your PS3 and Xbox 360 was not Turok. Sure there were dinosaurs and there was a guy named Turok, but not even Ron Pearlman could save it from being “space marines vs. dinosaurs.”

That’s why Turok needs a new game. A proper, current gen reboot in The Wolfenstein: The New Order or Doom vein. A game that understands what made the original classic trilogy on the N64 great, keeping its spirit, while adding modern touches that bring it up to date.

The levels need to be expansive and full of mist (though no longer because of memory constraints) and peril, with angry Raptors waiting to pounce. It needs a variety of levels too, from temples to space ships, while indulging in the original’s ability to escalate into being incredibly weird over the course of a couple of levels, along with the fire power your lone protagonist, which should escalate from a mere bow and arrow to the laser cannons and the iconic Cerebral Bore.

Meanwhile the story will be refined to be more in line with the original comics for which the series takes its inspiration, telling the tale of a dimension-hopping tribe of Native Americans that protect earth from all manner of inter dimensional threats. You could even bring the whole inter-generational aspects of the original trilogy into the new game by having multiple protagonists throughout the game, each with their own set of unique enemies to fight and approaches to combat -from stealth to full on dual-wielding, gun-toting craziness.

Well, that’s what I’d like to see anyway. At least we can scratch that itch for some classic Turok while we wait for a whole new game, with Night Dive’s Turok that brings back the N64 original to the PC complete with HD textures, mouse and keyboard controls and a whole lot of mist. Because Turok without myst is like Silent Hill without an Ash cloud.

Well that’s my two pence. Do you think it’s time we saw a new Turok? Or do you think he’s best consigned to history and we should leave the dinosaur hunting to new kids like ARK Survival and Horizon Zero Dawn?

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