The SoulKeeper VR

HELM Systems, the developer behind one of the most visually-appealing VRRPG titles to date, has released a trailer for the second phase of its early-access overhaul for The SoulKeeper VR.

The SoulKeeper VR‘s early access originally began in 2017 to mixed reception. Currently sitting on a 6/10 rating on Steam, HELM Systems made a commitment to completely revamping the game for a 2019 rerelease.

The title’s “Early Access 2.0” includes a new open-world campaign mode and various mechanics not seen before. HELM Systems revealed that players will take on the role of Edwyn the Nameless, a warrior on a quest to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

The SoulKeeper VR offers a story-rich experience where players can fight using both melee and long-range weapons. This new trailer reintroduces the game as an articulate title that is not merely capitalizing on violence and head-first combat.

This iteration comes with no specific timeframe that HELM Systems expects its updated game to be available. If a VRRPG experience with a deep story, engaging puzzles, meaningful interactions, and dragons sounds appealing, look out for The SoulKeeper VR sometime next year.

Also, stay tuned to OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for any more details that emerge on The SoulKeeper VR‘s relaunch.

Craig Snyder
Craig fell in love with video games after being spoiled with all of the NES games he could ever want as a kid, and his passion for gaming continues decades later. After discovering a knack for writing in grade school, the two have come together nicely for him. River City Ransom and Final Fantasy VII are his jams.

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