The SoulKeeper Chronicles

HELM Systems has explained how its latest project, The SoulKeeper Chronicles, relates to its previous, unfinished work on The SoulKeeper and The SoulKeeper VR.

Speaking to OnlySP, HELM Systems president and founder Myron Mortakis stated that “From a technical standpoint [The SoulKeeper Chronicles] is an entirely new game.”

At the same time, Mortakis confirmed that “From an IP standpoint Chronicles is the continuation of The SoulKeeper VR Early Access since two out of the three characters Chronicles features, were work in progress during SKVR‘s development.”

Furthermore, the new game also draws from the open-world PC version that HELM Systems was working on before switching to VR: “Chronicles is also the continuation of our work prior to SKVR. The third character (Ulvar) has been seen before, when we were working on prototypes for a PC open world SK iteration.”

As such , this new game brings together all of the work that the developer has put into creating this dark fantasy universe. Furthermore, the project allows the team to both return to non-VR development and unify its fanbase.

“We have often been contacted by fans and asked to resume the non-VR path, and truth be told we always aimed to do that. […] SK Chronicles is the combination of everything we learned through the years for both formats, and it is an opportunity for us to combine all this experience into something new, solid that addresses both audiences, while maintaining the same style and art direction we want the IP to communicate to our audience.”

Despite the return to the traditional PC market, The SoulKeeper Chronicles will incorporate the VR expertise the team has developed. However, the announcement of the new project also means the end of support for The SoulKeeper VR, which entered Early Access in August 2017. In retrospect, Mortakis said “we have learned a lot and we believe the Early Access title reached a point that we would redo most of the core mechanics in a completely different way than we did back then.”

The SoulKeeper Chronicles

However, Mortakis is anxious to make clear that the team has no intention of leaving its fans behind: “as a token of appreciation to those who put their faith in us by owing The SoulKeeper VR Early Access within the previously mentioned dates, we will be giving them a free copy of The SoulKeeper Chronicles upon its release.”

The VR and non-VR versions have each been designed to provide the best possible experience for the interface and hardware capabilities. “For example the VR version of the game will feature forward rendering whereas the PC version will feature deferred. And the perspectives and mechanics are significantly different since one will be in 1st person, the other in 3rd,” explained Mortakis.

More details about The SoulKeeper Chronicles are available here.

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  1. I have some doubts about the project, especially about the whole story and quests but there is probably enough players who would like to fight on dragon, from horseback, go to big battles, explore the open world… even if RPG elements will be pretty basic.

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