The SoulKeeper Chronicles

HELM Systems has announced a new outing in its dark fantasy RPG universe with The SoulKeeper Chronicles, a new game built from the ground up for both PC and VR platforms.

The scale of this new project is enormous, with the developer promising three single-player campaigns. One will follow a magic-wielding monk named Isoropos, a second will feature a ranger called Edwyn, and the third will  follow Ulvar, a raider.

Across these separate campaigns, players will have the freedom to pilot boats, ride horses, and fly dragons in both exploration and combat.

Each character will explore a unique open-world area, with HELM Systems advertising a story where the player’s choices affect events.

The claim that the game is being designed with both VR and non-VR play in mind is no idle boast, as the two versions will include entirely different designs. In VR, players will participate in a first-person adventure, while the standard PC version will use a third-person camera.

To build The SoulKeeper Chronicles, HELM Systems has decided to cease further development on its early access project The SoulKeeper VR. However, anyone who already owns that game (or purchases it before January 10, 2020) will receive a free version of The SoulKeeper Chronicles when it launches.

Neither distribution platforms, compatible VR hardware, or a target release window have yet been confirmed.

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