Monolithic creatures attack in The Sinking City.
Nightmarish creatures have taken hold in Oakmont.

The Sinking City, the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired investigative open-world game by Ukrainian-based developer Frogwares, has new gameplay footage and details.

In a developer diary titled “How To Make An Event Demo”, Frogwares showcased gameplay from a specially-made demo it is preparing for conventions, namely GDC and EGX. The demo has a completely original story separate from the main game, but it still takes place in the open-world for The Sinking City. Players can expect a snapshot of the architecture, landmarks, people, and monoliths that will populate The Sinking City without the possibility of any major spoilers regarding the project’s plot or questlines.

The major goal for the demo is to provide an example of how Frogwares will tie together the gameplay and non-linear questlines with the Lovecraftian mythos. Combat is seen on a few occasions, which looks to be solid, albeit vanilla, third-person shooting mechanics.

Combat aside, the world, voice acting, and writing the video portrays captures the Lovecraftian aesthetic perfectly. Even with a few short clips, Frogwares has created a title that looks to be drenched in atmosphere.

As always, the diary is a candid look at the troubles of game design, too, with Frogwares highlighting the types of problems that are bread and butter for anyone who works in games. Even if players have little to no interest in The Sinking City itself, the video acts as a refreshing primer of day to day design work in the video game industry.

The diary is the fifth in a series of Frogwares video diaries that are worth watching. The fourth video, which dealt with how the company has confronted the Cthulhu mythos, was released last month.

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