The Sinking City

Frogwares, the Ukrainian-based developer in charge of the Lovecraftian detective game The Sinking City, has released a Q&A that unearths details regarding the project’s playtime, genre, and lore.

The video, which was uploaded directly to the Frogwares YouTube channel, is the latest in a series of revelatory videos the developer has released in addition to its previous developer diaries. The first question grapples with what genre the title fits into best, which, according to Community Manager Sergey Oganesyan, is more of a “detective and adventure game” than anything else. However, the project will include combat with all sorts of Lovecraft-inspired nasties.

Another question asked how long the developer expects The Sinking City to last, which Oganesyan responded with “30 to 40 hours of playtime,” if players complete the main quest and the majority of side content. He added that the project can easily last much longer for those who are completionists.

A release date still looks a way off, with Oganesyan stating that the developer “will announce the release date and price when [its] ready.” For now, Frogwares appears to be taking its time with The Sinking City and packing it full of as much content as possible.

The session also dealt with how the company is interpreting the Lovecraftian mythos, too, whilst reiterating the fact the game is not an official adaptation of the universe, but an expansion.

The Q&A will be embedded in full below, but before checking it out, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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