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Maxis has opened up about the newest free update coming to The Sims 4, which includes more multicultural content.

The latest Maxis monthly stream dives into this week’s content update, which celebrates five years since the launch of The Sims 4.

Muslim-inspired content is a key new addition, with the hijab and kufi being added as new headwear. These clothing items can be matched with anything already in the game or with new outfits modelled after traditional dress.

The inspiration also extends to new architectural options, such as pointed arch windows and doors.

Mechanically, the update will increase the way that stairs can be placed. Rather than only being able to place straight stairs, players will now be able to split and turn them, with the stream showing a design resembling M.C. Escher’s Penrose Stair.

While these features headline the update, a slew of other content will also be added, mostly centring around the theme of summer, such as deck chairs.

The next major update for The Sims 4 will be the ‘Realm of Magic’ game pack, which will apparently be detailed in another stream on Friday.

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