More than two years on from release, Maxis continues to expand The Sims 4, adding the toddler life-stage to the game as part of a free update earlier this week and announcing more content for the near future.

The update, which has been available since January 12, adds toddlers as a stage between babies and children and brings with it a slew of new interactions, animations, clothing options, and objects. As expected, the overwhelming majority of these additions apply to the toddlers, though some are reserved for more grown up Sims, including the ability to teach and bond with the toddlers. The developers released an adorable video introducing toddlers, which is embedded below.

The lack of the toddler life stage, alongside basements and pools, at the game’s launch was heavily criticised, as they had been baseline features in previous iterations. Maxis defended the cuts at the time, saying that the studio’s resources had been directed down other avenues, such as the game’s revised building tools and new emotions system.

In addition, the studio also announced a new game pack, which will add vampires. Set to release on January 24, this pack will be paid DLC and will add a new playable region, called Forgotten Hollow, which will adhere to a Gothic aesthetic. Furthermore, the ‘Vampires Game Pack’ will include new outfits and objects to fit the theme. Finally, vampiric Sims will have specific needs, as well as powers, including the ability to disguise themselves in various forms. A glimpse at these new options can be seen in the trailer below.

The work that Maxis has put into The Sims 4 since release is commendable, particularly given that some of the most requested content has been released free of charge. Unfortunately, several of the paid updates, like the base game, have been received less favourably than those of previous iterations.

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