KnightMayor, an independent developer formerly associated with Bioware, has made a free demo for its new tactical RPG (TRPG), The Rise of Mooncrest, available for PC.

The demo can be downloaded from the official The Rise of Mooncrest website, and was created as a means to pave the way for the game’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

The Rise of Mooncrest is a TRPG with gameplay inspired by Warsong (Langrisser), released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis. The game features commanders that are crucial to story progression and defending Mooncrest, the last surviving city in the land of Nocturne. Combat in The Rise of Mooncrest can manifest in the form of a largescale battle or a series of related events. Skirmishes and liberations are two of the five types of events that take place in the game’s story.

Gameplay features include Commanders and Squads, tactical advantages, diverse objectives, storytelling, and leveling and experience. Players will lead their commanders and squads through the game’s story, making use of terrain bonuses, unit advantages, and strength in numbers to accomplish a wide variety of objectives. Participating in battles and completing objectives will gain experience and levels for the player’s commanders. Commanders level up until they reach level ten, where players will then choose between two advanced classes for an individual commander. Twenty-two advanced classes exist within the game in total.

A brief video of The Rise of Mooncrest’s combat can be seen below.

The Rise of Mooncrest has not been given a release date, and the Kickstarter page is not yet viewable, but KnightMayor does have a preview available on the game’s website.

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Dylan Warman

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