E3 2019

As our 12 Days of E3 event comes to a close, remembering the significance surrounding the spectacle of E3 is important. Once a year, developers proudly showcase their projects forged through blood, sweat, and tears, and the industry revels in unison. Not many mediums exist where a general population can unify in excitement and anticipation towards the release of future properties like video games. Over the past two decades, the industry has exploded into mainstream media and swiftly become one of the highest grossing industries in the world. E3 serves as a reminder to those who are in disbelief of video game potential and a reward for those who see it as a way of life.

This year, E3 will bring a bevy of new announcements and things to talk about—from Square Enix’s much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake and the reveal of its long-anticipated Avengers project to Nintendo and Microsoft’s newly found admiration for each other. For players who have feelings towards the Epic Games Store and its policies, its sponsorship of the PC Gaming Show could potentially provide some insight on its end goal within the industry.

Despite Sony’s absence this year, we still have plenty of publishers attending the event. From Bethesda hopefully recuperating some goodwill back from upset fans, to Xbox showing just how bright it can shine, and Devolver Digital’s yearly satirical spectacle, E3 2019 still has plenty of surprises in store for viewers. Despite the unfortunate early leaks of some of Ubisoft’s and Namco Bandai’s new titles, E3 2019 has the potential of withholding a few more surprises up its sleeve. The level of secrecy will ensure that everyone will walk away from E3 2019 with some form of excitement for the future of the industry.

Outside of everything that is already confirmed for E3, fans still have enough to speculate over. Recently, the ever-persistent rumor of The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch has resurfaced again leading many to speculate the actual possibility of such a feat existing. Even Digital Foundry has taken the time to experiment with Switch-like hardware and figure out what would need to be done to create a Witcher 3 Switch port.

OnlySP would like to thank everyone who participated in our 12 Days of E3 2019. We hope you have enjoyed these past 12 days as we dove into what E3 means to the industry: past, present, and future. This is truly an amazing time within the industry and OnlySP is proud to share our excitement with you.

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Daniel Pereira
A Canadian, eh? Daniel fell in love with video game’s media at a young age, often visiting message boards for walkthroughs and opinionated reviews. It has been his dream to come full circle and contribute to the industry that helped him over the years. As a University graduate he promises to maintain integrity and honesty in his writing. Some of his favourite games include Conker’s Bad Fur Day, The Witcher 3, Catherine, and Bloodborne.

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