Spider-Man Raimi Suit Movies

Insomniac Games is giving the people what they want: an in-game version of the popular Spidey suit from the Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man movies.

The Burbank developer made the announcement via its Twitter feed, featuring a picture of the suit and noting that the update is free and available immediately. The suit’s release follows weeks of fan request, as well as an apparent fakeout from Insomniac. Only a week ago, the company responded to a fan on Twitter, stating that while it always listen to what players have to say, it does not always act on those desires.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was released on September 7 to widespread critical acclaim. OnlySP’s Michael Cripe gave the game four stars in his review and was impressed with the game’s web swinging and addictively fun combat. Insomniac has continued to support Spider-Man since release, making available a New Game Plus mode, a bevy of new suits, and three sizeable chunks of single-player DLC.

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