Moby Dick’s enigmatic title The Phantom Pain has been revealed to be running on Kojima Production’s proprietary Fox Engine, as shown on GTTV this evening. The Fox Engine logo was clearly shown on top of some brand new screenshots, displayed on GTTV. This further fuels speculation that The Phantom Pain has at least something to do with Kojima and Metal Gear. Although Joakim Mogren (who decidedly is possibly not Hideo Kojima but may still be) avoided the next-gen question, Fox Engine is considered to be a next-gen ready engine, so The Phantom Pain may just be a next-gen title.

A new trailer will be shown at next fortnight’s GDC, so expect more details to come very soon.

UDATE: Here’s a picture of the illusive Joakim Mogren, courtesy of Geoff Keighley’s Instagram, via Kotaku Australia:


UPDATE UPDATE: Here’s a watermarked and mirrored video, courtesy of VideoGaemz, for those who missed the TV spot.

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