In a recent interview with Edge, the makers of one of the PS4’s most anticipated games – The Order 1886 – revealed details about how they’re creating as cinematic an experience as possible. The third-person shooter from Ready at Dawn, who created titles such as God of War: Chains of Olympus, is meant to show off what the new Playstation is capable of.

The interview covers many aspects of the game, but mainly focuses on how RaD are creating a fresh game that looks as good as the PS4 can make it. For instance, when speaking about what The Order‘s world looks like, creative director Ru Weerasuriya talks about the way in which they make an immersive experience. He explains that they’re using techniques adapted from films. For instance, they’re creating light and sending it through floating particles of dust which helps create a gritty and dirty world. Enjoy the results –The-Order-1886-p1

During the course of the interview Weerasuriya also talks about how they’re trying to create a different third-person shooter from the genre staples like Gears of War, by managing things such as melee combat. They want to merge melee and shooting until the two systems feel together, rather than isolated parts of a game. Ru described the game as “…shooter with different melee systems”. Seeing as this team made a God of War game, they should have plenty of experience.

The new tech has also allowed the team to create some immersive camera work smoothly and efficiently. For instance, camera angle can switch seamlessly between gameplay and objects of note, or even leave your character altogether to show you walking into a scene. Weerasuriya also said that their experience with GoW helped with this.

They’re also trying to break down barriers between cinematics and gameplay by bringing the two together. For instance, things that happen in a cinematic will be part of the game world, rather than just disappearing.

Seeing as this is the studio’s first time working on a completely new IP, development is harder. According to Weerasuriya, “Some things might take less time, [but] most things take more.” However, it certainly sounds like they’re rising to the challenge.

The Order: 1886 has been in development since 2010, and has yet to get a confirmed release date.

Source: Edge Interview

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