The Order 1886

NeoGAF user OsirisBlack has suggested that The Order 1866 could be getting a sequel on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

OsirisBlack, a trusted industry insider, goes on to describe an in-depth sequence that presumably takes place in the game’s sequel.

The scene describes a man in a dimly lit room carrying a communication device. The man eventually gets into a chase with a monster after gunfire is shot at a four-armed creature.

Notably, OsirisBlack describes the sequence as “the best-looking thing I have ever seen,” in addition to the lighting and physics being “on another level.”

The rumor seems to fit with the previous interest the developer drummed up in 2018.

OsirisBlack had previously predicted most of the details for the PlayStation 4 Pro months prior to the official announcement.

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Dimitric Edwards
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    1. I actually liked the first game quite a bit. The world was great, the graphics were amazing and the gameplay was sound. There was just SO much hype surrounding it, I think a lot of people went in wanting this huge action extravaganza and it wasn’t that at all. I’d like to see the story continued though!

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