The Order: 1886 is one of the most exciting new IPs to come to the Playstation 4 that many people know next to nothing about since it E3 reveal. Is it just a Dishonored clone or is it Steampunk BioShock? Fortunately, The Order: 1886 developers have revealed a lot of details to Game Informer and the game looks set to create a name for itself and stand out from the crowd, making it another totally original IP for the next-generation.

The Order: 1886 tells the tale of a legendary “Arthurian hero” in a world where chaos and riots are rife in London. The hero, Sir Galahad, is part of the Order which is an alternate version of the Knights of The Round Table. The Order’s job is to keep the peace and protect the rich, while battling humanoid feral deformities known as “half-breeds”. Galahad is the best of the best but he is described as a “blank canvas” for the player to paint on through their actions. The Order is all about telling stories and the world is rich and deep; packed with details on half-breeds and The Order’s battles. The Order’s story is filled with surprising reveals and collaborates history, fantasy, mythology and science fiction. the-order-1866-4

The unique and fresh concept for the game has been in the making since 2005 with the engine being created in 2009. The studio behind the game, Ready At Dawn, consists of many veteran developers from Blizzard and Naughty Dog utilizing the PS4 to its full potential. One developer, Ru Weerasuriya says that the PS4 is the perfect platform for their game and the engine is very exciting to work with.

The Order is modeled with soft-body physics so it reacts with authenticity. The physics allows for dynamic bending and morphing of a metal beam in reaction to magnetic forces or make the boards of a ramshackle buckle before splintering apart. The Order isn’t a fan of rigid physics but “soft” physics that allow for the world to be pushed and tested with pressure or forces until it realistically cannot tolerate those forces any longer.

One of the big focuses for The Order is a dynamic and cinematic style of combat, similar to something Uncharted would have done. The game does utilize “quick time events” but not as we know them. Galahad can be thrown through a window by a rebel thug and by using the player’s camera controls, Galahad can select an improvised weapon, throw a meaty punch or even have a counter. Player choice seems to a big focus in this game. Another moment of “cinematic” action has Galahad fighting rebels on a roof while the camera zooms and focuses on an injured Order member’s face while being dragged off by Galahad and a fellow knight. This type of cinematic action without causing the player to lose control is reminiscent of Uncharted 2′s building collapse event or Uncharted 3‘s opening bar fight scene; both of which are full of action that the player controls, not the game.

Finally, the game developers were quiet on the subject of multiplayer but stated that they do have a love for them. Recent Sony games like God Of War Ascension or The Last Of Us have had some great multiplayer modes and the developers felt that they should try to match them.the-order-1866

The Order: 1886 looks set to amaze with its unique idea and impressive team toiling relentlessly on making it a strong title for the Playstation 4. The developers took their time with this one and want to make it the best IP of the next-generation, which might just come to fruition thanks to the great first impression it gives.

The Order: 1886 comes out for Playstation 4 in 2014.

Information and Screenshots via Gameinformer

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