One of the PS4’s brand new exclusive IPs, The Order: 1886 is the highly anticipated third person action-adventure from Ready At Dawn, the developers of the well received God of War series on PSP. Set in an alternate history London, The Order: 1886 looks set to collaborate history, fantasy, and science fiction in a fantastic looking package with next to no load times and is certainly one of Only SP’s Most Anticpated games of 2014.

The Vision

The game was announced at Sony’s E3 2013 conference as a brand new intellectual property for the next-gen console. In an exclusive post on the PlayStation Blog, Ready at Dawn Creative Director and CEO Ru Weerasuriya initially revealed The Order: 1886 had been in the work since 2010, more than likely immediately after the release of God of War: Ghost Of Sparta. Ready at Dawn also noted that Uncharted 2 was a heavy inspiration for the game and it really shows with the promise of “few load times” and seamless cutscene to cinematic gameplay. The Order: 1886 tells the tale of a legendary “Arthurian hero” in a world where chaos and riots are rife in an alternate London. The main hero, Sir Galahad, is part of the Order which is an alternate version of the Knights of The Round Table. The Order’s job is to keep the peace and protect the rich, while battling rebels and humanoid feral deformities known as “half-breeds”.

The Gameplay

The Order: 1886 is a third person shooter with a focus on a dynamic and cinematic style of combat. The game utilizes “quick time events” but not as we know them. Galahad can be thrown through a window by a rebel thug and by using the player’s camera controls, Galahad can select an improvised weapon, throw a meaty punch or even have a counter attack. Player choice is a big focus in this game. Another moment of “cinematic” action that has been reported shows The Order fighting rebels on a roof while the camera zooms and focuses on an injured Order member’s face as they are being dragged off by Galahad and a fellow knight, all without interrupting the flow of combat. This type of cinematic action without causing the player to lose control is reminiscent of Uncharted 2′s building collapse event or Uncharted 3‘s opening bar fight scene; both of which are full of action that the player controls, not the game.

While The Order: 1886 may be a more fluid third person shooter than most, it’s not just the gameplay that helps it stand out. The weapons have been another big focus for Ready at Dawn with an almost Ratchet and Clank level of flair and creativity at work here. From high voltage arc guns that let loose lightning shocks, to thermite pellet rifles that shoot burning metal at enemies, you cannot deny the flashy variety The Order: 1886‘s weapons possess.


The Story

The game features an Order of knights who battle to keep the world safe from half-breed monsters, a combination of animal and man. In the game’s history, around the seventh or eighth centuries a small number of humans took on bestial traits. While the humans outnumber the beasts, they continue to lose the battle thanks to the half-breed’s phenomenal strength.

The Order: 1886 takes place in a Victorian style London but not as we know it. The game has a strong fantasy element with a significant twist on historical accuracy. While the game certainly achieves its goal of setting the scene of an alternate London, it still manages to capture the look of period costumes of Britain during the Industrial Revolution. It’s dark, dreary, but also familiar. The game plays with history a bit by featuring steampunk-style aesthetics such as the look of weapons and blimps flying about, like how Dishonored was set in an alternate past but with different and more modern technology.

Not much else is known of The Order: 1886‘s story. Most of the previews and trailers have built up an upcoming battle between The Order and the half-breed monsters as the struggle between the two factions looks to intensify to a point. The game is setting itself up to give you the opportunity to join a centuries-old war that will “determine the course of history forever.”


The Order: 1886 is one of the new exciting Playstation 4’s exclusive games as well as being a brand new IP. Boasting seamless gameplay and no load times, it’s easy to see why people are calling this a Naughty Dog calibre title, but The Order: 1886 looks set to do something different and combine fantasy and history for the next-generation console. The Order: 1886 comes out in Q3 2014 exclusively for Playstation 4.


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  1. Great read! Thanks

  2. The QTEs in The Order are nothing new, ios games namely TellTale games have been doing it exactly that way for years.

    So far we have seen a pretty game with lackluster gameplay akin to Gears of War. Hopefully they can pull it all together but from what gameplay they’ve shown it’s not looking likely which is probably the reason we aren’t shown more gameplay :/

    I bought my PS4 based on this games hype and I’ve only been less excited the more they show. We shall see this year if not more likely 2015.

    1. You def dont know how long and how much work goes in to directing and producing a AAA next gen PS4 game. Relax and u will see the amazing games which r in the works being released.

    2. This game is in pre alpha…..

  3. Looks an absolutely gorgeous game, lots of journos have said this game has the best graphics ever seen in a game, the PS4 has so much optimised power.

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