You’ve probably seen news about The Order: 1886 springing up all over the net today due to, a Russian gaming media site, breaking the embargo on information from their preview session of The Order.

According to the interview, which was transcribed via NeoGAF, the game had ideas to go open world, but Ready at Dawn ultimately decided against it to “tell a truly stunning story, and to entertain the players, you have to follow, in my opinion, a linear approach.” According to Ru Weerasuriya, their main goal is create as immersive experience as possible.

Weerasuriya continued on to talk about the enemies you will face in the game, calling them “Half Breeds”, which are “a cross between human and werewolf”. He did not share more information than that on what you’ll be facing in the full game. I’m pretty darn excited by the concept however as werewolves are my favorite mystical creatures and haven’t been very well represented in games.

There are more details in the transcription, but most of it is too jumbled up to make much sense of it. We will have some more stories up later tonight with more details when we can provide them in a cleaner fashion.


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  1. Bla bla bla…some more hype and speculation surrounding the game and yet they won’t show us any damn gameplay, I’m getting so sick of it and it’s a huge turn off for me. I want this game to be good, I got a ps4 for this game, and I am Worried about all the secrecy…if the game is as good as they say, and I hope, then why wouldn’t they want to show it ASAP? Something is up…added on to the fact that he game will only be 30fps and yeah I’m definitely skeptical and worried. Don’t tell me it doesn’t need to be 60fps as all ps4 owners brag about our ps4 running at that, so don’t make any excuses now that one of our top hyped games isn’t going to fulfill our expectations, it’s BS. If I had an xbox one, I wouldn’t mind as it’s less powerful and is to be expected to run slower this early in it’s lifetime, but the ps4 should have no excuse. Show us the game already and stop making a huge spectacle of it, instead of getting hype, you’re getting hate and rumors. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m happy with my PS4, just not happy one of our exclusives is looking a lot less exciting.

    1. Don’t let yourself get hyped up a game you’ve never seen or seen being played, the media hype everything, just look at Forza and Ryse, both hyped to the fucking MAX, and look at those shitty games, they are both major flops, especially the latter, so much so that no one will ever remember such garbage!! The reason for purchasing a PS4 is because Sony have a proven track record of producing the VERY best exclusives, so I never get hyped, just wait for it to come out! I personally only get hyped for VERY few games, from select developers. Anything made by Rockstar, Naughty Dog, That Game Company gets me excited, everything else is pure rubbish until you see gameplay or actually play it for yourself!

      1. Ryse and forza sould over a million in first week so they aren’t anywhere near flops. But yeah I agree that I gotta have faith in ps4 and the order, but it’s just hard with all the mysterious BS they doing lately instead of shutting everyone up and showing gameplay.

        1. Forza took 6 weeks to sell 1 million copies worldwide, that was widely reported. Ryse has not sold 1 million yet (even VGChartz puts it at 700k).

          1. And as such they are nowhere near flops. It’s so stupid how sony fans can’t give credit to Xbox one games or the system itself. I’m glad I got a ps4 and all but xb1 is doing awesome as well, to say otherwise is ignorance or fanboyism.

          2. And I wouldn’t put much faith in VGChartz as it’s been reported to be waaaaaay off in many cases. Anyway, yeah I’m still pissed about The Order :P

    2. You are the only one with these opinions, do you have to post them on every Order article on the internet? Wait until the 19th for the press embargo to lift and I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Until then, go play something.

      (seriously, this last two days, you’ve complained about the framerate, the lack of multiplayer, the lack of gameplay…just chill for a bit)

      1. Exactly and I’ll continue to complain. No multiplayer, only 30fps, and no gameplay yet, hell yeah it’s worrying and I’ll be vocal about it.

        1. Have you never waited for information on your favorite game before? This wait is nothing and The Order will be worth waiting for.

          Look at The Last Guardian… Way more hyped, shrouded in way more mystery with
          zero gameplay to speak of and it held our attention for 6 years and still nothing to show for it.

    3. Debut gameplay footage drops on the 19th. That was announced earlier this week. For the type of game that The Order is, 60FPS is completely unnecessary. It’s an action-adventure game, akin to Uncharted, Gears, Binary Domain, even the Arkham series; none of them needed to be 60FPS, so why should The Order? Oh, and FYI, I don’t know where you get the idea that Sony owners are bragging about 60FPS for the biggest PS4 games. Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous: Second Son are both running at 30, DriveClub hasn’t been nailed down yet, but Evolution were tuning it for 30. And multiplayer is absolutely not necessary.

      The reason for the long wait for footage likely has to do with the nature of the hype engine. If they started too early, people would be burnt out long before the game releases. Saving it until now gives them six to eight months to ensure that The Order permeates the intended audience, without burning them out. It’s all planned out.

      1. It’s BS, if is was on xbox one and was 30fps Sony fans would laugh and put down the game, that’s fact. But now since it’s on our PS4 it’s ok? That’s BS, it’s not ok and I’m disappointed as are many others not only by te fact it’s 30fps and no multiplayer but also because Sony fans are sticking up for those flaws, so ridiculously hypocritical. And us PS4 owners brag nonstop that ps4 is 60fps 1080 to xbox one fans on every post we can, to deny that is also bull.

        1. Oh, bugger off. Assassin’s Creed IV, inFamous: Second Son are both locked at 30fps. Shadow Fall is variable between 30 and 60, as is Tomb Raider. I don’t know where you’re looking, but I don’t see too many Sony fans bragging about how 60fps is the standard on the PS4 because, you guessed it, it isn’t. 1080p, on the other hand, pretty much is.
          Oh wait, you’re the one doing the bragging? So you use yourself as a barometer for all those people that prefer the PS4? Of course, it makes perfect sense now. In that case, yes, it is hypocritical. For you, though, not for me.

  2. I’ll be surprised if this game gets a T rating.

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