Star Wars Battlefront has been out for just over two weeks now and many players have been faced with an unfortunate choice: fork over the additional $50 for the Season Pass, which would grant access to the four massive expansions that would give the game much-needed longevity, or put it aside altogether.

Advocates of the game have been immersed by its vivid portrayal of famous Star Wars battles and landscapes, while critics have begrudged its bare-bones content and narrow variety of play, including an omission of meaningful single-player content or a campaign mode. But regardless of fanbase division, Battlefront has sold successfully, and EA has begun to discuss the franchise’s future.

At this year’s Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, EA COO Peter Moore challenged the notion that Battlefront is merely a shiny multiplayer engine.

“Let’s be clear though,” he said, “There are a lot of single player opportunities within the game. It’s lacking a campaign mode in the eyes of gamers, but it’s got co-op, couch play…it’s not a purely multiplayer game. There is more content coming to this game, which will deepen the content.”

“…in the eyes of gamers” seems like an odd way to frame this negative criticism, since gamers are the target audience in every sense. But Moore is confident that Battlefront has won over its audience, and is ready to start alluding to what might be included in the next installment.

“The decision by the DICE team was made not to put single-player in, but to focus on multiplayer,” he said, “This isn’t to say that decision for future games are locked in stone, we’ll determine what that team does as the development team gets further down that process.”

This statement is of course woefully non-committal. However, with the initial engine built, the development team should have significantly more resources to devote to core content. With a little luck, the next installment of Star Wars Battlefront may yet be a worthwhile single-player game right out of the box and could still live up to the Pandemic Studios’ Battlefront legacy. Let’s just hope that EA’s practices haven’t soured that hope for too many fans.

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Andrea Giargiari
Feature Writer, Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media and Culture) via UMass Amherst

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