The Mirror’s End, the sophomore effort from Black Robot Games, has been announced alongside some screenshots from the top-down adventure game.

Information, screenshots not withstanding, is a little scarce at this moment in time. The Mirror’s End promises to be a “sophisticated” yet arcadey top-down adventure game, with the art style capturing a low-poly aesthetic. Overall, the project looks to borrow stylistic elements from retro games and more modern, retro-fetishist titles such as BioShock.

The most eye-catching screenshots are two entitled “1940s,” which are snapshots of a dimly-lit post-war street outside of a cinema. The degrees of lighting the studio employs captures that gritty mid-twentieth-century noir feeling, so, in terms of art style, the title is looking great.

The game is being developed through Unity, which is growing more and more popular as the engine of choice for the indie game market. The studio’s two founders have over 15 years of experience each, mostly focusing on game and mobile development. The studio’s debut game, Linia, garnered over one million players on iOS and Android devices.

The Mirror’s End initial release will be Windows-only, but the studio has expressed interest in branching out to other platforms. At present, the team has no plans for a crowdfunding campaign, but that may change with the volatility and surprises of game design.

A sample of screenshots are available on the game’s website. For more on the project and the world of single-player, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Ben Newman

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