I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of dinosaurs.  I mean, I like Jurassic Park (the movie) and The Land Before Time, but dinosaurs go a little too far back in history for me.  I much prefer the Renaissance, or Paris in the 1920s.  Heck, I’ll even take the Crusades and the Black Plague over Dinosaurs.  But when you throw puzzle-solving, guns, and explosions into the mix, things start to get a bit more interesting.

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what The Lost World is setting out to do.  The Lost World is currently in pre-development (here’s the Kickstarter page) by a team of software engineers and designers, led by Jonathan Faith.  Faith has successfully led projects for big-name companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and even the US Army, so his success in game development seems assured.   While not much is said about the team itself, you get the feeling from reading the description on the games Kickstarter that they really care about making this game a reality. The team will be using CryEngine 3 for development, so you can expect a good looking game to say the least.  Here’s an excerpt:

With ‘The Lost World’ our team wants to create THE dinosaur game we have all been craving for since childhood. I know that sounds quite ambitious but with adequate funding, constructive community feedback and a focused effort, there is no reason why this can’t become a reality! Never before have we had the tools and technology to pull it off like we do today.

Sure, Dinosaurs and big guns might not be the most intellectual choice they could have gone with, but who cares!  This is a video game, after all.  Currently, the team has raised $700…out of $300,000.  Yeah, “ambitious” is an understatement.  Try “ridiculously crazy ambitious”. Even so, I have a feeling that this has the potential to be something big, if it catches on and more people find out about it.  There are 16 days left to donate, so if you want to play a dinosaur based, puzzle-solving FPS, throw some money at it!

Kyle Bailey
Kyle used to work alongside Nick Calandra in the early days of OnlySP, doing such things as "writing articles" and "posting" and "being the Editor-In-Chief". But then college happened, and things slowed down. But, now that he's graduated, he can resume his life-long passion of writing about video games. And making movies. He also has a beard.

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