Sirenum’s Kickstarter for The Lost Pisces launches in just three days now and the development team is hard at work getting everything ready for the big reveal.

The Sirenum Twitter account meanwhile has been releasing a ton of screenshots from the work in progress title. The latest batch shows off one of the game’s vehicles, along with new environmental effects, beautiful looking vistas and the mechanical beast that was shown off just a few days ago.

If this is your first time hearing about The Lost Pisces, we’d once again like to direct you to our big exclusive interview with the developers to learn all about what the game is.

You can check out the latest batch of screenshots just below. We’ll be sure to update you again as soon as we have more info on The Lost Pisces which is currently in development for the Xbox One and PC. The Kickstarter will have a stretch goal for a PS4 version of the game, but because of the game’s utilization of the Kinect, the PC and Xbox One are the priority.

Nick Calandra
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