The Long Dark is a survival game currently in development from Hinterlands Studio Inc. The title has been in Steam Early-Access for awhile, where early-adopters have enjoyed very consistent updates as they’ve watched the game’s concept and world built in front of them. It was announced at Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference that the game is now headed for Xbox One and will be available on the Game Preview service. If you’re curious about the game, check out our videos from Justin, found on our OnlySP Youtube page.

“The Long Dark has already enjoyed significant success on Steam’s Early Access platform on the PC, selling nearly 350,000 units over nine months and garnering over 95% positive player reviews. The expertise that Hinterland has developed over the past months, and The Long Dark’s reputation as one of the highest quality community-informed titles, contributed to Microsoft’s choice to bring the game to its innovative new Game Preview on Xbox One program, a first on any console.”

The Long Dark PC Alpha Update

Don’t feel left out PC fans, Hinterland Games is still committed to your gaming experience, and they proved as much with a huge alpha update patch weighing in around 500MB at the same time they were announcing their Xbox One version. The latest alpha patch adds in supported for controllers, though they haven’t done a lot of testing on various devices as of yet. Here’s a look at the full changelist found on Steam.
* The game now supports full Controller play.
* Widespread environment art fixes to address popping and performance.
* Fixed issue with some cabins disappearing.
* Fixed terrain shadows popping in.
* Fixed issue with curing sometimes getting reset when in-progress curing items were picked up.
* Fixed voice sometimes being incorrect gender after loading a savegame.
* Fixed issue with bedrolls not being repairable.
* Fixed bug that could audio to be attached to wildlife corpses and would persist.
* Fixed problem with pill bottles only having 1 pill in starting inventory.
* Fixed issue with not being able to harvest a carcass after cancelling upon the harvesting action.
* Fixed issue that caused Bow to not degrade when used. The bow now degrades on use as designed.
* Improved object pickup radius to make small items easier to interact with.
* Removed daily decay rates from harvested saplings.

The patch bring The Long Dark to Alpha v.243 so they have lots more planned and lots of work to do, including a story mode.

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