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Noise about The Last of Us Part II seeing a 2020 release appears to be incorrect, according to an industry insider.

The insider, who goes by the name Benji on ResetEra, is a US sales specialist who analyses sales data. The user has been active in several ResetEra threads about The Last of Us Part II dropping coy hints, but in a recent thread, he stated that the title would see a release this year in plain English:

“People thinking this is a Q4 2020 launch or later are crazy. It’s going to be either this Fall or early next year.”

Previous to that statement, Benji said that Sony’s release “goal is 2019. Has been for a long time. Question is if they can do it or not […] Sony has already started speaking with certain partners about marketing on the game. They are gearing up to launch it.”

Based on the usual pace of Sony’s marketing plans, combined with sales data, Benji’s estimate appears to be somewhat grounded in reality. Confirmation came through recently that the game has wrapped-up shooting, too. However, always take analysis such as this with a grain or two of salt.

Check out the thread on ResetEra. Thanks for the tip, Ben.

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