The Last of Us: Part II

Sony announced The Last of Us: Part II with a trailer at today’s PlayStation Experience event, and the footage is sure to tantalise fans of the original.

The tone of the trailer is mournful, featuring an older Ellie, now nineteen years old, bruised and bloodied, playing guitar in a house of corpses, until Joel returns from a foray in the verdant post-apocalyptic landscape. A snippet of dialogue follows, and Ellie’s newfound hatred is revealed, though who it is directed at remains unclear.

Since the official unveiling, the game’s director, Neil Druckmann, has dropped a few more hints about the title. Unlike the first game, which put an equal focus on both Joel and Ellie, the latter, this time, is being referred to as the main character. As might be expected from Ellie’s age, Part II will take place several years on from The Last of Us, and will act as a “complementary story”. While the first game was about the love and rapport that developed between Joel and Ellie throughout their adventures together, this sequel is about hate.

Furthermore, although Naughty Dog did toy with the idea of expanding the brand into something resembling an anthology series with new characters, the team ultimately realised that the relationship between Joel and Ellie is integral to The Last of Us.

Finally, the music of the game should retain the same memorable, unadorned style, with Gustavo Santaolalla returning to compose the soundtrack.

The first game earned a 9.5/10 from OnlySP’s David Nelson in his review, as he said, “[b]oasting incredible production values and a lot of nuance, The Last of Us is a very focused experience which impresses but doesn’t surprise or do much of anything creative or new in the gameplay”.

The Last of Us: Part II does not yet have a release date, though the developers have mentioned that the launch is still some time away.

Damien Lawardorn
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