It seems that we will be venturing back into the post apocalyptic landscape for more character driven story.

Videogamer and Playstation Blog say that there will be three DLC in the future for The Last of Us.

It may seem like a lot of money at $20 but you’ll be saving over 75 percent in the long run by taking advantage of the season pass.

Starting October 16th the first DLC will be the “Abandoned Territories” Map pack, which will be a Multiplayer DLC featuring the following maps.

The first map “The Bus Depot” will be an urban map that has been reclaimed by nature, complete with giraffes populating the background. The second map “Hometown” will be a dark, moonlit environment where stealthy gameplay will be the best tactic. The third map “Bookstore” will feature multiple floors of gameplay, switching things up a little as you’ll have to be aware now of what’s above/below you as well as around you. Finally “Suburbs” is described as a map where you will Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm.

The next DLC following this is planned for release around the December/January timeframe and will be a narrative driven DLC. Naughty Dog reports that they’ve wrapped up casting a new character and in a week they will begin the performance capture process. By all reports seen so far, this will be the only single player DLC for The Last of Us.

For the final bit of DLC, Naughty Dog plans on more map packs sometime in early 2014 although no details have been revealed at this time.

As a little bonus, Naughty Dog has announced that season pass holders will be able to get over 60 different head items for their multiplayer characters at no extra cost. They will also be available to people who don’t have a season pass for a small fee.

If you haven’t played The Last of Us, be sure to check out our review by David Nelson.

[box]Source: Playstation Blog, via Videogamer.[/box]

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