Update: Seems that the link attributed to the picture below leads to The Order: 1886 product page as found by users on NeoGAF. I guess you could say this is one of the more annoying parts of games journalism.

Contrary to what Naughty Dog has stated in the past, it seems that PS4 owners may get a chance to play The Last of Us on a next-gen platform.

Amazon had a listing up for The Last of Us Game of the Year edition earlier today, but has now removed the listing. Usually that’s a good sign that the product listing is real. To provide more evidence, a user on N4G luckily got a screen grab of the page before it was taken down. You can view the image just below.


Interestingly enough, the box art also says that the PS4 edition includes the yet to be released DLC, Left Behind. The release date is obviously just a placer date so don’t worry about that Dec 31 2014 release date.

We’ll continue watching for updates on this story as I’m sure Sony’s being bogged down with requests for comments on the matter. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get an update the instant we hear more on this.

Nick Calandra
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