Patrick Rothfuss’ fantasy novel series The Kingkiller Chronicle is being adapted in to a video game according to Variety

The series will also see movie and TV show adaptations as developed by Lionsgate. According to the company, The Kingkiller Chronicle is the best-selling fantasy series behind George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. The series has sold over 10 million copies and the first two novels were New York Times bestsellers. It’s unclear what the nature of the video game will be as yet, but it will no doubt excite fantasy fans that there will be a lot of new media to experience the series on.

The Kingkiller Chronicle follows an adventurer and musician called Kvothe who recounts a series of tales about his life, and the many things he has accomplished throughout it. Rothfuss’ novels are dense and perspectives often change, so it will be interesting to see in what way they are developed in to video game form.

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Sep Gohardani

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  1. Hmmm, it’s a very interesting series, but I wonder how well it will translate to game. The last fantasy-style world I really remember enjoying in game-form was Betrayal at Krondor. TV-wise it will have to be very Thrones-ian as there is a huge amount of story to cover, shifting between past and present.

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