The Inpatient

Among the slew of PSVR titles announced at Sony’s E3 press conference, Supermassive Games’s The Inpatient stood out for its unique use of the hardware.

Although an intriguing prospect on its own, The Inpatient is, in fact, also a prequel to the choice-driven horror title Until Dawn, taking place in the Blackwood Sanatorium 60 years earlier than the events of the previous game. Players will assume the role of a recently-admitted patient suffering from amnesia, though the endpoint of the story is unclear at the present time.

However, in a post on the PlayStation Blog, the game’s director Nik Bowen stated that, as with Until Dawn, The Inpatient will present players with a series of choices, the consequences of which will impact the storyline and ending.

Furthermore, the developers are attempting to make the most of the VR experience, by having players occupy a fully-rendered body, and allowing the ability to speak to the characters and have them respond. In addition to this, the team has undertaken psychological research to better understand how to engage the player, with the game making extensive use of binaural audio.

Although the game is a massive departure from Supermassive’s previous foray into VR, the rail-shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, the team appears to be adapting the experience gained from both that title and the base Until Dawn game to create an entirely new experience.

Supermassive Games is also working on a PlayStation 4-exclusive crime thriller called Hidden Agenda, which adds a co-operative element to the choice-based mechanics of Until Dawn, and Bravo Team, a VR-based cover shooter.

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