The Humble Indie Bundle returns once again offering gamers the chance to purchase 7 delightful little indie titles for as little as the average price, or 5 games for as little as a single US cent. The games included in the bundle this time around are: Dear Esther, Thomas Was Alone which received a glistening 9/10 review by previous OnlySP Editor in Chief, Michael Urban, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Little Inferno, Proteus and Hotline Miami which also received a 9/10 review from Lachlan Williams. It is important to note that in order to get both Proteus and Hotline Miami you must pay over the average amount which, at the time of writing, was $5.72. Moreover you can get a soundtrack for every game except Hotline Miami.

All of the games will be available via the bundle for another 14 days with the offer ending on  June 12th. Furthermore when purchasing your games you will have the option to change how you wish to separate your money between the charities, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Childs Play, the developers of the games and you can also give a little to the organizers of the bundle via the humble tip. The games are offered to users on all three of the main PC operating systems of Windows, Mac and Linux with both DRM free and Steam versions offered as well. I suppose the final thing to ask is, what are you waiting for?

Ryan Archer
Ryan is the UK Editor at OnlySP and is one of the PC gaming master race. Unable to resist a good JRPG he enjoys such series as Persona, Disgaea and Valkyria Chronicles although you can also find him sinking time into League of Legends and Football Manager. Ryan has been writing about games for nearly 2 years and has ambitions of becoming a developer. You can catch him on Twitter @Ryanarcher_95 to talk all things gaming!

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