Totwise Studios have just launched the Steam Greenlight campaign for their upcoming Unreal Engine 4 horror adventure game, The Hum: Abductions.

You can check out the campaign at the link. If you’ve never heard of The Hum: Abductions before here’s a quick synopsis of the game:

The Hum: Abductions is a first person alien horror game, under development using the powerful and visually appealing Unreal Engine 4 engine

Thought of as an immersive and frightening story driven game, Abductions is a part of a huge sci-fi universe created by Ariel Arias called The Hum Universe. This universe is composed by novels and future games and experiences (more here).

In “Abductions” , you will play the role of Holly Sanders, a mother and wife, who is living hard days since her husband’s mysterious vanishing, months ago.

Lonely and disturbed, with her little son Dan as only company, Holly will uncover the past and present events of the Sanders family, while facing a terrifying approaching revelation.

A new trailer was released alongside the Steam Greenlight campaign which you can check out just below. We’re working on setting up a feature interview with Totwise to learn more about The Hum: Abductions over the next couple months so stay tuned for that.

The Hum: Abductions is planned to release on the PC during Q1 2016 with plans to bring the game to the PS4 as well.

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Nick Calandra
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