The Hand of Merlin

Developer Room-C Games has revealed some information about the land of Albion in The Hand of Merlin, a turn-based combat strategy RPG.

The rogue-lite narrative and tactile action-fantasy indie title has received a recent dev blog on the game’s Steam page. Room-C Games revealed details about the first region of the world that players will explore. Players will collate together a team of heroes and venture off in search of the Holy Grail. The studio also announced that it will detail the heroes specifically within another blog coming soon.

The Hand of Merlin is based on lore about mythical characters Arthur, the kingdom of Camelot, as well as the characters of the legendary fellowship of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. However, the studio has independently tweaked aspects to create an original story which will be detailed later.

The land of Albion is the region at the beginning of the game which was initially envisioned as a simple background design with points connected together to lay the setting. Regions were segmented with flags and the creators faced challenges trying to fit everything on the screen in 2D. The studio said that the map was transformed into 3D and uniquely boosted with a camera that can pan around the land with the use of Serious Engine.

The game combines lore behind King Arthur and Camelot legacies with “sci-fi horror” where players will lead four heroes. The story is also heavily based on literature from the Matter of France and Al-Andalus. Players will lead via a spirit-like connection on a perilous medieval path from Albion to Jerusalem. Heroes can be upgraded along the way, and lost soul fragments and ancient relics can be discovered for players to recover as many damaged worlds as possible.

The Hand of Merlin plays like a typical rogue-lite. Players will journey across the lands of Albion leading a team of heroes defeating tough enemies to gather resources such as gold, relics, and supplies. Then, once the player is defeated, they can use the resources to either buy, trade, or craft better gear and repeat the cycle.

Turn-based combat will challenge players’ strategy skills to utilise coordination, specific class skills, positioning, and ambush with brutal human and demon enemies.

Another key feature is the ever unique twisting narrative that is non-linear, enabling players to make choices with consequences. Players can expect that the game will alternate and subvert dependent on the decisions made in combative encounters which should result in a more interesting, gripping and unpredictable storyline shaped by the player.

However, players will need to be aware that “choices are permanent, as is death.”

The Hand of Merlin will be available on PC via Steam in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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