The Guise

Developer Rasul Mono has released a new demo update and announced a new AI and battle system for 2D platformer, Metroidvania game, The Guise.

In a recent development update on Steam, Mono highlighted that the updated demo now showcases a new battle system, more game levels, and many new opponents, some of which have been boosted with a new AI, as well as several bug fixes.

According to the game’s Steam page, The Guise is set in an expansive doom-infested interconnected environment that players can enjoy “step by step” exploring to discover mysteries and concealed locations and get to know the secrets behind the many dark and strange NPCs.

The atmospheric indie allows players to take the form of a cute, silent villain-creature protagonist that blends with the aesthetic theme of decay. Mono has described the creature as a “disgusting monster”.

Mono stated that the creature was once a normal boy who was transformed into a monster by an evil shaman. To rediscover its human nature, players will have to learn the abilities and skills of the creature including being motile on ceilings which allow players to drop onto opponents, spit acid at enemies, and throw bombs that contain bile. The title also boasts free-flow combat that allows players to engage with enemies in a way that suits their play style.

The developer added other abilities, “animal agility, monstrous strength, and unique abilities” that players will need to master to defeat the alive and undead enemies. Furthermore, players can further develop their character by stealing unique skills from boss encounters as well as gathering enemies’ eyes to boost abilities.

The trailer (embedded below) titled ‘Become the Monster’ shows the 2D platformer art design, animation, and combat encounters. The art design screams of a Gothic noir-esque influence utilising a heavy contrast of dark, doomy backgrounds and soft lighting with lanterns. In addition, the kinetic animation of the character is reminiscent of My Friend Pedro with regard to how the player can move and jump around the levels.

Furthermore, in another recent Steam post, Mono introduced an in-game “indie rock post-progressive rock” band comically called “Bones N’ Roses” performing “I buried my heart in a hole in the ground“.

The Guise will be available on PC set for official release on March 5, 2020, and the updated demo is currently available to download on Steam and

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