That OnlySP has spent the last eight years primarily alone is fitting—we are single players, after all. But it’s time for us to get some new friends. From now on, you can catch new updates from OnlySP over at The Escapist.

The folks over there have recently launched The Escapist +, a new program that allows benefits like an advertisement-free viewing experience and special bonus content, so there’s never been a better time to join the audience!

Before we move on to this next chapter, however, let’s hear from each of the writers at OnlySP to see where we can find everyone in the future.

Amy Campbell

Being given the chance to write for OnlySP was a dream come true and I cannot imagine my life without this incredible part of my writing journey. Our incredible team shared an undeniable talent and support that I know will continue to shine on no matter where the next chapter of life takes us. To our loyal readers, thank you. OnlySP as we know it may be gone, but the joy of our work will live on so long as you continue to share in the stories of the video games we love. If you fancy, feel free to follow me on my escapades over at The Escapist where you can catch me on live streams, 3 Minute Reviews, and even writing the occasional opinion piece. Or maybe one day I will get my Twitter in order, in which case, follow me there @sassqueenamy

Amy Davidson

Despite writing for a living, I am struggling to put into words how much Only SP has meant to me. Before joining the site, it had been over ten years since I had written creatively, my passions put aside for the daily grind of retail. Working for Only SP helped me rediscover my love for writing, and making so many wonderful friends along the way has been an invaluable experience. I wish my fellow writers all the very best, and am sure we will see their work around the internet in the near future. I personally will be continuing the Friday Freebies column at The Escapist, and will hopefully pick up some more freelance work elsewhere. I’m a bit crap at social media stuff, but do feel free to contact me on Twitter @AmyDavidson152

Austin Breakwell

I joined OnlySP a little over a year ago now, and though I eventually stepped away from writing, I’ve always loved the site and the team behind it. No writer was ever motivated by money or clicks but by a genuine love of games, producing quality, personal stories simply out of passion for the medium. It was a pleasure to be part of such a dedicated and caring team, with the likes of Damien, Rhain, Amy, Rebecca, Chris, and more each inspiring so much confidence in the future of this space.

Chris Hepburn

I first started writing a blog about game design in college as a recommendation from my processor, a designer from the game Eternal Darkness. My goal was to eventually be a game designer and talking about games was a way to get out there and show I have knowledge. After a while, I started applying to sites and OnlySP was the first big site to take me on. The journey has been astounding, the team and editors were supportive and taught me so much about writing. Eventually, I got to go to conventions for free and interview developers and voice actors. My time with OnlySP has been so much more than I thought it ever would have been. I am saddened to see the site go but cherish my time there. The skills and journey have made me a stronger writer and communicator. I will be using the skills learnt for the rest of my life. Feel free to follow me and my weird ideas on twitter @nerdbility for in the future I will have a revamped blog to continue writing about my obscure thoughts.

Daniel Pereira

I’ve struggled to find the right words to describe what OnlySP meant to me. Ever since I fell in love with video games, I dreamt of a career where I could discuss and provide my opinions on them. Not only did OnlySP provide me with a professional outlet to do so, but also an avenue where I could hone my skills and improve on them. At OnlySP, opinions and editorials were my jam, and I saw them as a way to have an open dialogue with the reader to exchange thoughts on the very thing we all love. OnlySP saw something more in me, however, as they gave me the opportunity to be an editor for the site, simultaneously elevating my responsibilities and skills. I will always respect and appreciate the opportunity that OnlySP gave me, and wear it on my sleeve like a badge of honor. OnlySP set me on the path to turning my dream into a reality, and I can’t wait to see where it leads next. For now, however, I will pursue other avenues of writing within this industry as a freelance writer and editor. Going forward, I can be reached at pereird95@gmail.com, and my Twitter is @BigDAP5

Dimitric Edwards

A dream I always had ever since I considered myself a gamer was attending E3 and I am forever grateful I was able to do that as a member of OnlySP. I will forever miss this team and hope to continue writing about my favorite hobby someday. It’ll be some time before I return to writing about games due to being a teacher, but if you ever want to chat about anything gaming related, follow me on Twitter @_dimitric.

George Yang

OnlySP was my first time going into the games media industry. I’m very grateful for Rhain giving me this opportunity to get started and grow! He was always incredibly helpful when needing advice or asking for tips. I had an absolute blast covering events like PAX under OnlySP, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. You can follow me at @yinyangfooey on Twitter!

Michael Cripe

For me, OnlySP was a gateway into more than a job opportunity — it was a dream come true. This site always provided the tools necessary to grow as a writer, student, and video game player but also kept me hungry to improve, too. I was never unhappy here, so with my time at OnlySP coming to a close, I feel a hint of regret. I know I could have written more, collaborated more, and spent more time with a team that showed passion unlike any other. For anyone reading our thoughts as the site evolves into its next phase, please leave with one takeaway: never take the best moments for granted. Love what you think deserves to be loved and never stop chasing after those things if you haven’t quite captured them yet. And, of course, never stop singing the praises of single-player games. I wish my team the best as we charge forward into the unknown. Follow me on Twitter (@MikeCripe) or catch up with my latest over at The Escapist; you’ll always be welcome as a friend no matter which you choose.

Mitchell Akhurst

Being part of the OnlySP team has given me some of my best memories over the last four years and helped me grow as a writer in every way. I am going to miss working with everyone here, and I hope to continue on in the games space! You can keep up with anything I do in the future @polygonnative and medium.com/@ak.mitch where I’ll probably write now more than usual.

Nathan P. Gibson

I’ve enjoyed contributing to OnlySP immensely, especially because it is such a unique site that focuses on a part of gaming that I love the most. Working with my fellow writers and editors has been a great experience and I hope everyone can continue writing about their passion. You can follow me over on Twitter at @nathanpgibson and keep up to date with my work at sites such as Screen Rant, The Things, and Gammicks.

Rebecca Hills-Duty

The gaming world is often dominated by talk of big-budget AAA multiplayer games. OnlySP has provided a resource that acts as a counterpoint. As a lover of retro-style ad RPG games, OSP felt like my spiritual gaming home. I don’t want to say goodbye, but if I must, then I can at least encourage everyone to follow my work over on RadioSEGA.Net, where I do a weekly show on Saturday night about obscure SEGA gaming trivia. 

Richard Flint

Working for OnlySP has been an amazing experience. I’ve met so many wonderful writers, developers and others over the years and I’m grateful to each and every one of them. I never thought I’d make it into the industry but this site opened the door to so many incredible opportunities. I’m so thankful to this site for helping me grow and hopefully this isn’t the last you’ll see of my writing! Follow me at @Richaf95 for some upcoming content. 

Sep Gohardani

Single-player games mean a lot to me, and to get to talk to the people making them for almost five years has been a joy. Thanks to everyone here for being amazing colleagues, and to you all for reading. Feel free to follow me at @SepGohardani for updates in future.

Steve Carman

OnlySP was proof that my dream to write about games could come true. The editors always provided the help that was crucial for my development to improve. I will be forever grateful and cherish my time as an editor for a truly one of a kind website.

Follow me on Twitter to talk and catch up.

Tayla Moulton

Working with OnlySP was a blessing. I was extremely excited when I first learned I scored the job, and from then on, each article I finished filled me with a sense of accomplishment. This site opened a door and gave me a chance to get a foothold in the industry, which I one day hope to return to after university. I learned a lot from the team, and know that they’re all amazing people that deserve the best. The only social media presence I plan on having is at twitch.tv/teafromaussie, I occasionally stream and love meeting new people!

Tommus Gerwin

My time with OnlySP was relatively short, but in that time I’ve been able to make worthwhile connections that will follow me all throughout my career. I’ve gained valuable industry experience and discovered that video game journalism is in fact the career I will pursue. Follow your passion and take chances. I’m currently writing for a new website outlet called KeenGamer. You can keep up with me and all of my shenanigans on Twitter and follow me on Twitch where I showcase indie games, provide feedback for developers, and info for gamers.

Damien Lawardorn

We come together here and now to mark the most significant change to OnlySP in its almost decade-long existence. Staff and approaches have changed across the years, but we have never faced a reinvention—a rebirth—quite like this. The loss of the site as its own thing is devastating for all of us here who have poured ourselves into this space. However, integrating OnlySP into Escapist gives us the opportunity to share our love of single-player gaming with a bigger audience. 

I’m one of the lucky team members to be moving over, but the other writers are all amazing individuals. I will be looking out for their work in the future, and I can only hope you will too.

My final thoughts and words here at OnlySP are for you, dear reader: Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or for just a little while, thank you for sharing our dream.

Rhain Radford-Burns

Working at OnlySP has not only been one of the highlights of my career, it has been one of my life highlights. I have made so many friends during my time here, and I have seen so much growth within a team of incredibly talented writers. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that OnlySP has provided me, personally and professionally, and while I am sad that this chapter is coming to an end, I am thrilled that the spirit of the site will live on with The Escapist, alongside some of my writers—I implores you to follow each and every one of them. I am so proud of all of them.

Thank you to all the PR partners who have helped OnlySP find fantastic opportunities over the years. Thank you to Nick Calandra for founding the site back in 2012 and for giving my writers another chance over at The Escapist. Thank you to Enthusiast Gaming for the support, and specifically to Niero Gonzalez for always listening and looking out for us.

Thank you to my editors, without whom I would have insane years ago. Special thank you to Ben Newman, who left the site some time ago but was the best Deputy Editor I could have asked for, and to Michael Cripe, who got to speak to Roger Clark (and I will never stop reminding him). And, of course, thank you to Damien Lawardorn, who not only granted me the opportunity to take the reigns of the site as Editor-in-Chief, but stuck by me for so long and helped me every step of the way.

Finally, thank you: the readers. You’ve kept single-player gaming alive, and you are literally the reason that OnlySP existed. I hope that you continue to follow the best that single-player gaming has to offer over at The Escapist.

If you’re interested in following my occasional ramblings, feel free to follow me on Twitter—but if you prefer something a little more intellectual, you can check out my video content over at Real Pixels.

For the latest news, reviews, and opinions from the world of single-player gaming, be sure to follow The Escapist on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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  1. I only discovered this site a few months ago. I’m very sad to see that it’s going to die and go away. I wish those who wrote here well, and hope that we can all continue to find places where we can READ (not watch or listen to) information about single player video games into the future.

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