The Forest, Endnight Games’ upcoming survival horror game, is emerging as an increasingly complex, terrifying and immersive experience. The team behind it are creating a believably real open world experience where your character must survive by building shelter, hunting for food and evading or confronting the cannibals that inhabit the forest.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, the team revealed some new features about the game and went into detail about the cannibals and how they’ll react to the player entering “their forest”.

One of the more interesting features revealed was Endnight Games’ decision to include permadeath, a feature that seems to be coming to more and more games in recent months. Endnight explained that there will be leaderboards for the game to track “how long people can stay alive in this hostile environment.” If permadeath isn’t your thing however, there’s an option to turn it off if you choose to do so.

They also revealed more information about the enemies that you will face – the cannibals with whom you share the world and its resources. While the cannibals will be a definite threat to the player, they will not act mindlessly;

“If you’re in a real forest with crazy cannibals, some of them would try to protect each other […] That’s something games don’t even attempt. They treat all enemies as mindless.”

“You’ve invaded their forest, you’re murdering them, you’re chopping down all their trees. Maybe they’re just trying to survive in this forest. Maybe you’re the bad guy. So we try to make it emotional when you kill one of them and have them care. They’re not all bad, even if they are trying to eat you.”

The Forest is one of our most anticipated titles of 2014. Everything the developers have told us about the game has continued to intrigue us. From how in-depth the survival elements are, to the “enemies” having emotional traits and so on. It’s a game that no survival fan, or horror fan should miss out on. If you didn’t see the gameplay trailer, you should certainly take a look at it below.

We’ll bring more updates and information as they become available. You can read our exclusive interview with the team here.


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