New gameplay mechanics have been revealed for ‘The Forest’ in a Q&A Series with Endnight Games on Steam.

The Forest is a PC exclusive, open world survival horror game that focusses on realism. Players can chop down every single tree in the game world, hunt and fish, build a home and fortify it to keep out the cannibals that inhabit the game’s environment. Further details can be found here for anyone who is interested as well as the latest trailer for the game below:

Today, Endlight games have dropped a ton of new details in a Steam Q&A session. We’ll have details on more of those later this week, but here are some of the coolest revelations:

Rain will affect the player in the sense that they will get cold and wet, which in turn affects his or her overall energy and stamina negatively. The rain will also not be just one set pattern, so bigger storms will roll through causing more wind through the leaves and running water over the terrain. Gamers with high end PCs that can run the game on the highest graphics settings will also notice that water will gather between cracks and recess between rocks. Endlight are clearly putting a lot of effort into attention to detail and these weather effects will definitely add to the immersion of the game.

Seasons are not a part of the current build of the game, but Endlight are considering implementing them in the Alpha build of the game. The seasonal effects that Endlight are most interested in are having leaves turn orange and fall off trees in autumn, as well as more rain and possible snow during winter and colder nights to complement the already implemented weather and cold effects. This again could add to the realism of the game to really draw the player into the experience.

The player can use snare traps in a defensive manner to trap mutants — the enemies in the game that inhabit the same environment as the player. The snares catch the enemy and keep them stuck in place, alive. When the player goes back to their snares, they can either set the mutant free, or beat them to death to be safe.

If a mutant finds their friend in a snare, they will try to help them out, and Endlight note that “This is where explosives could come in handy.” This could be a daunting moral experience for the player. Killing the defenseless mutant could seem morally wrong, but letting him go would mean he is back in the wild and able to attack you. Also, although it is not currently a feature in the game, players will be able to get caught in their own traps which would add to the scariness and tension of the game. Endlight still have some physics and control issues to sort out, but hope to have it working smoothly in the future.

The Forest is definitely an interesting premise that obviously won’t be for the easily-frightened. These are just a few pieces of information that were revealed about the forest in the Q&A with Endlight. We’ll cover more of them as the week goes on, so make sure to check back to OnlySP for more on The Forest.

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  1. I would love to see this game come over to PS4 so hope it does extremely well on PC.

    1. Games that have been extremely successful on the PS3 / 4 have never come out on PC … then you play your Sony exclusive, but we PC Gamers have many other Software House who provide us with our exclusive

      1. I already know this…I’m just saying, the devs wouldn’t mind doing a PS4 version so hope it’s successful on PC.

      2. yeah sony never puts their games on pc, only ms does.

    2. lol we dont know wherever this will be good or whatever it will even play like.

  2. First to last paragraph sais Endlight in the last sentence? Endnight ? Perhaps

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