The communities over at Steam Greenlight are quite passionate about the games they’ve voted to be green-lit, often asking questions to developers that we might not think of. In a recent QA with the developers, a good amount of new information was revealed about how players will survive in the world of The Forest.

Base building is one of the major aspects of The Forest as it will essentially become your home where you store supplies you collect through out the day and use it for shelter by night. However, it’s not exactly a safe haven according to the developers over at Endnight. One of the main threats to your structures will be the cannibals themselves, as “enemies will try to destroy the structures you build”. In addition, fires will spread in the game depending on “wind and the environment” causing it to burn down pretty much anything in its path, including the structures you’ve built. However, the forest is “mostly damp with frequent rain so it won’t be possible to burn down the entire forest”, according to Endnight.

Resources are limited in the world, but the developers are currently allowing you to build “as much as you like”. If you don’t like the structure you’ve built, you can destroy it and recover the resources to build something new. Water also obviously plays a big part in player survival, but can be used to hide from your enemies or even wash off blood after a fight. There are number of streams and lakes in the world to be found.

However, the AI in the game is what’s really surprising us the most.  According to Endnight, the enemies will react accordingly to the way you treat them in the world. If you leave them alone,  they won’t be too aggressive, but if you start invading their homes and such, then things will start to ramp up; “as the A.I. gets more and more desperate there will be changes in how you tackle them. Having a sense of progression over time as the game develops, and even as far as who you’re fighting in the later part of the game is something we’re really focused on.” The developers want you to feel empathetic towards the creatures in the game. Endnight themselves have “become attached to these creatures as we’ve [Endnight] developed them, and so what we see as a heart-warming image of one creature holding/helping another, some people may view as bizarre and scary.”

We’re eagerly awaiting news on when we can get our hands on the alpha version of the game so we can show you some more footage. You can view the rest of the QA session by following this link.Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on The Forest.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Appreciate you spreading the word! Be sure to check back in from time to time, as we’ll be doing Q&A’s all the way up to release, One is sent out and awaiting reply at the moment.

    -Thanks for sharing,

  2. “[…] fires will spread in the game depending on “wind and the environment” causing it to burn down pretty much anything in its path […]”

    “[…] one creature holding/helping another […]”

    Hell yeah, some of the coolest Far Cry 2 features. :D

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