The Forest

After almost four years in Early Access, open-world survival horror game The Forest will have its full release on April 30.

The full release of the project will come with a price rise, from USD$14.99 to $19.99. While a full list of the upgrades set for the launch have not been revealed, the development team at Endnight Games has previously announced official controller support and improved language options, as well as new resources to help kill the cannibalistic enemies that populate the eponymous environment.

Additionally, the cold and warmth system is being redesigned and new buildable items will be available. The developers have also previously hinted that a VR mode will be included, but that has not been detailed as yet.

OnlySP’s Dan Seidel went hands-on with the Early Access version a little under two years ago, concluding that “the crafting, building, and base-construction and defense aspects of the game are already pretty robust and are constantly being developed, so if your idea of a good time is building spike-laden death mazes to hold off armies of cannibals and mutants, The Forest absolutely delivers… It is a scary [game] that delivers a primitive, atmospheric, and occasionally brutal survival experience.”

While the April 30 release is only confirmed for the PC version of the title at present, Endnight Games has previously announced that it will also be available on PlayStation 4.

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