The Fidelio Incident

The Fidelio Incident is a new first-person narrative thriller from a debut team headed by the artistic director of God of War III, Ken Feldman.

Taking place in the wilds of Iceland, the game follows Stanley, who is looking for his wife, Leonore, in the wake of a violent plane crash that has separated them. Stanley’s grief and agony are not straightforward, however, as the pair share a secret that outsiders cannot learn, so, while searching for his wife, he must also locate documents that were scattered throughout the environment during the crash.

The backstory for The Fidelio Incident is inspired by Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio, which tells the tale of a woman (Leonore) who pretends to be a male prison guard in order to save her husband. Working from this premise, the team at Act 3 Games have reimagined the story in a contemporary setting. Further strengthening the bonds between the two products is the adaptation of particular elements of Beethoven’s original overture for the game’s score, which has been composed by veteran sound designer Michael Krikorian, who has worked on a wide range of different television shows.

The game is also inspired by the recent explosion of narrative-based exploration games, such as Gone Home and Firewatch, as well as television-based character dramas including Homeland and Lost.

In speaking of how the game came about, Feldman said that he was “searching for new challenges” after working on massive AAA productions for most of his career. Act 3 Games was founded in 2014, and is made up primarily of people who worked on God of War III. The influence of Feldman’s artistry can clearly be seen in the game’s launch trailer embedded below:

The Fidelio Incident is available on Steam today.

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