When first revealed, horror title- The Evil Within- was predicted to herald the return of the Survival Horror genre after a minute presence in the 7th generation of consoles. Developed by Tango Gamesworks, the company founded by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, and published by Bethesda Softworks, the game is set to hit shelves in 2014 to PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. According to Mikami in a Famitsu interview (translation here), The Evil Within will focus on horror, with “a creeping sense of terror”, and the main character, detective Sebastian Castellanos. He possesses supernatural powers, including visions and a knack for teleporting into locations inhabited by zombies, monsters and twisted beasties.

The first 15 minutes of the game was demoed to Polygon reporters, who say an off-putting atmosphere was created “through a series of gory cutscenes”. Right off the bat, Castellanos arrives at an abandoned asylum. After inspecting the blood soaked halls of the building, he inspects the asylum’s security room. Castellanos finds an odd security tape, showing a menacing creature tearing through police officers and security guards.

At this point, there is a bright flash and Castellanos finds himself hanging upside down from a first person view, watching a twisted butchers slicing up rotting corpses. The Evil Within reportedly directs the player into a tense escape, breaking free of the constraints to switch back to the third person view, and stealthily snatching the butcher’s keys while he continues his bloody work. Apparently, the butcher, at one point, gave chase to the player. Frightful music and the sound of nearing footsteps created a resounding, demented orchestra of fear. This, however, contrasts to some points in the game. Rooms will occasionally be utterly silent. The atmosphere changes from heavily paced, shock inducing to disturbingly isolated.

After freeing themselves from the oppressive dark of the asylum, the player will find that the urban buildings surrounding it have collapsed, and the asylum’s driveway has broken away, leaving a gaping pit. Mortified, Castellanos is then transported away to a desolate, woodland cabin. Surrounded by packs of zombies, the player was forced to scavenging weapons and traps to kill them one by one.

Producer of Tango Gamesworks, Masato Kimura, says he wants the game’s horror to thrive on “subtle, anxious, shapeless, unknowable sort of fear”. Essentially, the player will be terrified of the uncertain rather than upfront sound stingers and jump scares. Furthermore, he said that The Evil Within is not “typical survival horror” and instead wants to “make a universe”, much like the use of lore in the Silent Hill franchise.

With information being revealed on The Evil Within at E3, we can expect to see some footage soon. The game sounds like it will revitalise the survival horror genre and appeal to the classic series such as Silent Hill and the older Resident Evil games. Here’s very excited to see more!

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