Sigh, yet another delay and double SIGH, another game in October.

October is so jam packed I have no idea how we’re going to cover everything that needs to be covered here at OnlySP. Bethesda has just sent out an announcement that The Evil Within has been delayed to October 21st of this year. Just two months after its original release date which was set in August. I suppose it works out better to have a big horror game coming out right before Halloween.

According to the release, “Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks have asked for additional time to further balance and refine the game in order to deliver the polished, terrifying pure survival horror experience they set out to create.

A new pre-order incentive was also revealed within the press release which you can see the full details for just below.

The Fighting Chance Pack includes:

  • Medical Kit – A vital health enhancement to enable Sebastian to fight on.
  • Green Gel – Used to upgrade Sebastian’s attributes.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun and Three Shells – A larger and more formidable shotgun than the regular shotgun, it’s useful for tight situations with multiple encroaching enemies.
  • An Incendiary Agony Bolt – Capable of showering nearby enemies with damaging fire sparks.
  • A Poison Agony Bolt – Will draw enemies towards it and poison them, allowing Sebastian time for a quick escape.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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