The Endless Mission

E-line Media’s new sandbox creation game, The Endless Mission, is set to launch on Steam Early Access on November 14, 2019.

The Endless Mission is a community-driven game where players are given the opportunity to create content of their own and share it with others.

Creators have a whole range of genres they can use to create games within the editor. Racing, platformers, and even real time strategy are just scratching the surface of what E-line Media wants to bring.

The Endless Mission has been developed in partnership with Endless Studios.

Regular content updates will arrive throughout the Early Access period, including, extra game genres, themed challenges, and a multiplayer feature that are still in development.

The initial launch will retail for USD$14.99, while the price is expected to rise as more features are added.

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John McCool
John has two main passions in life, gaming and writing. Survival Horror and RPGs are his two favorite genres, but he'll throw down in some fighters if need be. Whenever he is not battling the forces of evil, he is chilling with his amazing wife and cat Kennedy.

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