One of the most searched for answers on our site is whether or not The Division can be played as a single player experience. Up until now, the answer has been basically the same one we gave you for Destiny ahead of its release. You can play the game by yourself if you so choose, you’ll just basically be avoiding other players in the world.

As of today, however, Ubisoft has provided a more in-depth answer as to whether or not The Division can truly be played as a single player title, and the answer might surprise you.

Creative Director, Magnus Jansen, told VG247 that he thinks The Division “is a great single-player game”. According to VG247’s preview of The Division, the game can become quite a bit more challenging if played solo, to which Jansen explained, “That’s the content scaling to three players. Obviously we scale stats, the numbers and to some degree the behaviour of the enemies depending on whether you playing as one, two, three or four players. We are not deliberately punishing solo players or incentivising them by making it harder. Absolutely not. The size of your group decides what we throw at the player at any given time.”

“We don’t use a stick, but rather a carrot, to get people on board with multiplayer”, says Jansen. This basically means Super Massive isn’t going to force you play The Division as a multiplayer game. They still haven’t said yet if the game will offer and offline experience, but based on the amount of stuff going on behind the scenes, as noted in the previous paragraph, I don’t see an offline mode being a possibility. I’ve tried numerous times now to email Ubisoft about it, and have yet to receive a response.

As for the game’s campaign, Jansen says, “There’s more than 10 main missions which are these combat focused, rollercoaster rides, more linear experiences, to balance out the complete freedom of the open world, which is a big part of the formula.”

We’re still trying to get in touch with Ubisoft to talk more about how The Division can be played as a single player title, so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates on that front. We’ll have to wait and see on March 8th if The Division truly is a “great single-player title”, as Ubisoft says it is.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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