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Cult classic The Darkness II is currently free over at Humble Bundle for the next 48 hours, with players only needing a Steam account to access it.

The game was developed by Digital Extremes, which are now doing a fantastic job with co-op shooter Warframe. The Darkness II is a highly-stylised first-person shooter based on a comic book series by Top Cow Productions, with the first game in the series being developed by Starbreeze.

Players take the role of mobster Jackie Estacado, who wields an evil and ancient force known as The Darkness. Gameplay-wise, The Darkness II offers fast first-person shooting, solid level design, and tight controls. The story, too, is a masterclass in gaming graphic-noir, and the narrative holds no punches.

The Darkness II was well received by critics on release, and the game, much like its predecessor, has since become a cult hit. The Darkness featured on OnlySP’s list of Seven Games That Get Love Right, and the sequel only improves upon The Darkness‘s tragic romanticism.

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Ben Newman

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